Critical Grass


Critical Grass is a podcast that discusses the wide world of cannabis from an international perspective. Guests include activists, entrepreneurs, patients, physicians, scientists and more from around the globe with the aim of destigmatizing, normalizing and educating on the use of cannabis in all its forms.

The significance of cannabis can easily be seen in our culture, medicine, politics, science and beyond. It may be associated largely with places like California, the Netherlands and Jamaica, but by no means is it limited to them.

There are many different attitudes and opinions throughout the world on this one specific plant. Why do these opinions differ so much and where do these differences come from? Whatever the case may be, one thing is clear: this is a global phenomenon with a long history and it’s about to get even bigger.

We’re still discovering things about the cannabis plant, and in the process we’re discovering things about ourselves. Let’s see how much more we can find out.

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Thank You And Farewell, Dr. Grinspoon

Not to beat a dead horse, but it’s been a rough year for everyone, the cannabis tribe included, despite various gains such as cannabis being deemed an essential service and legalization taking place in multiple places throughout the world.

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The Politicization of Pot

The past month, not to mention pretty much all of 2020 thus far, has been one crazy ride that took everyone by surprise. It seems like years’ or decades’ worth of events happened within the span of just a few short weeks.

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The Coming of Social Consumption Spaces

It is ultimately a matter of time before enough dispensaries and cultivation facilities receive licenses and go online to service those in need of cannabis throughout the state. However, one aspect of legalization tends to get overlooked when legislative bodies are hashing out the details of legal weed: social consumption lounges.

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Covid 19 and Cannabis: Can Weed Save Me?

Happy May CG blog fans! Hope everyone had a lovely 4/20 and a relaxing May Day weekend, lord knows we all needed a bit of R&R and then some. We all get the feeling that 2020 isn’t going to get any easier but let’s not focus on the doom and gloom, though we should definitely mention one thing that’s on everybody’s mind: COVID-19.

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…And lift off!

Yes, we know, it’s about damn time this website/podcast/project got its own blog. While we do have several dozen podcast episodes as well as social media accounts with links to articles, photos and whatot, there comes a time when the old-fashioned blog becomes a necessity to somewhat bring everything together and give readers a written framework for what this site is about and the kinds of things we want to discuss.

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